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ECS has secured some of the BEST consultants and coaches on the planet and made them available in one place … right here!

We will limit the number to eight at any given time because we will ensure that these individuals are the “cream of the crop” and only the best will do. This exceptionally exclusive list of individuals will nevertheless cover a broad enough spectrum of expertise to ensure that you can access an expert suited to your unique requirements.
 Billing Rate - R2,500 per Hour
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the CEO OF ELEGANT CORPORATE SERVICES (PTY) LTD, based in Brooklyn Pretoria.

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Gareth was admitted as an attorney in 1996 and has been running law practices since 2005.

Gareth has been recognised by various organisations for his expertise in the fields of corporate, commercial and property law. This recognition includes being appointed as CHAIRMAN of the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) Gauteng and appointments to the SAPOA National Council and Legal Committee. Gareth has also been appointed as CHAIRMAN of the Property Committee of the Pretoria Attorneys Association (PAA), member of the Executive Committee of the PAA, member of the Property Committee of the Law Society (LSNP) and representative of the profession on the Gauteng Interdepartmental Stakeholders Engagement Committee (GISEC). Gareth has been appointed to the Sectional Titles Regulations Board by the Minister.

Gareth has written numerous Articles was a frequent guest on “Ask the Property Experts” on Business Day TV. Gareth speaks at a variety of property events and is a guest presenter at certain Legacy Alliance Property Training Events.

In the field of corporate and commercial law, Gareth previously served on the Law Society's Company Law Committee and he has also been appointed to the SIRDAR Corporate Governance Panel as well as being a member of the Institute of Directors of South Africa.

Gareth is a Director of Elegant Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd and he is a recognised expert on business structures for Property Investors. He is also the Independent Trustee on numerous Trusts.
 Billing Rate - R2,500 per Hour
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Stephanus qualified in 2005 as a full-time practicing member of the Institute of Professional Accountants of South Africa and has been running his own practice since 2005.

Stephanus is also a member of the South African Professional Tax Practitioners of South Africa since 2014, and consults on a daily basis on all areas of taxation in South Africa as director, accountant and registered tax practitioner for several Companies and Trusts.

Stephanus was awarded the one-year NQF level 6 diploma by Unisa Centre for Accounting Studies in Administration of Estates in 2009. He also completed a one-year Certificate in Taxation in 2011 at the University of Pretoria

As a qualified Tax Practitioner, he is consulted and used by several Attorneys firms as Tax consultant.

In addition to his Accounting practice, Stephanus is the Financial Director of three other Companies, and the Independent Trustee of numerous Trusts.

Advance Certificate in Taxation 2018 University of Pretoria

 Billing Rate - R2,500 per Hour
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Tim joined Sirdar in 2013 having worked in asset management and the IT industry for 26 years

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Tim is passionate about education and making complex technical problems understandable to businesspeople. He has extensive personal boardroom experience having held the role of shareholder, director and manager of various privately-held and family-owned businesses. This supports his understanding of the benefits of implementing a board, what it really means to be a director and how to ensure optimal performance as a board.

He believes that by harnessing Sirdar’s unique methodology, clients have massive potential to make a positive difference where they operate. After all, every director has the potential to impact between one and five businesses directly, meaning every business can potentially impact thousands of livelihoods – ultimately fulfilling Sirdar’s promise of meaningful economic impact.

Tim enjoys meeting entrepreneurs and understanding their stories to help them overcome challenges and take their businesses to the next level, whether through facilitating workshops and programmes or acting as specialist interim chairman on their board.

He practices what he preaches as is made evident by his involvement with clients such as Apex Cordset Technologies which is expanding rapidly and made almost same profit as in the 2019-2020 tax year, and at iWMS where profit was nine times higher than any prior year – both during COVID times. During his tenure as independent chairman at WeThinkCode_, campuses have been expanded and they have gone from having two of the founders as CEO to a new and independent CEO.

Tim remains relevant by learning, applying and teaching over and over. He also reads up on business and governance almost daily and regularly attends relevant events and webinars. He believes that learning is a lifelong experience – a concept that has driven his life for as long as he can remember.

Tim holds a Master of Business Administration from University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Science Honours in Engineering (Naval Architecture) from University College in London.

Tim has been interviewed and been a speaker at various events including A4E Business Mastery Series, Cape Chamber of Commerce, Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa, CITi, Citadel, Barclays Rise, University of Cape Town Research Contracts and Innovation, University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, Institute of Directors (Zimbabwe and Ghana), Nolands, Accounting 4 Entrepreneurs
and Akro Capital
 Billing Rate - R2,500 per Hour
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Dr Thommie Burger is a Seasoned Management Consultant and Business Plan Writer

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He founded JTB Consulting and under his leadership, Thousands of Bankable Business Plans have been written since 2006, Successfully Raising R235 BN+ in Funding — He serves Start-ups and Existing Companies in South Africa, Africa, EU and USA.

JTB Consulting was founded and is currently headed by Dr. Thommie Burger, a Certified Financial Modelling and Business Valuation Analyst. He holds a PhD with a specialisation in Entrepreneurship and Business Management and an MBA specialising in International Business Management.

Thommie has personally been involved in the successful execution of large-scale Business Analysis-, Management Consulting-, Business Valuation-, and Business Plan projects, ranging from start-up companies seeking as little as R1 million in bank financing to companies requiring more than R1 billion in investor funding to fund their growth strategies.

Before establishing the company in 2006, Thommie worked for several multi-national companies based in South Africa, Africa, and the United Kingdom. He has held various positions, including Business Analyst, Business Consultant, Regional Sales Manager, Regional Country Manager, Business Development Manager and Training Manager.

Some of the most notable clients Thommie has worked with include Sasol, DaimlerChrysler, BMW, Nissan, VW, Eskom, Integr8, MTN, Financial Times (London), Famous Brands, Engen, Chevron, and SAP.

He has extensive experience working with various South African Government Institutions, The Department of Defence (United Kingdom) and various local and international-based Embassies and Consulates.

His substantial Consulting experience, attention to detail and logical approach to problem finding and resolution will contribute to the success of any project, task, and activity.

Thommie is passionate about solving complex problems that require an in-depth evaluation and comprehensive analysis. He is an astute, results-oriented individual with a proven ability to identify issues and solving them through applying analytical thinking and strong operational leadership reinforced by solid ethics, sound business knowledge and experience.

Thommie is an assertive and interactive individual with an extensive strategic, operational, and financial modelling background and will contribute significantly to the successful execution of any project.

  1. Start-up Coaching, R2,500.00 per Hour or Part Thereof
  2. Business Mentoring, R2,500.00 per Hour or Part Thereof
  3. Introductory Briefing Sessions to Discuss your Unique Requirements, R950.00 per Hour or Part Thereof
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Marco Valente is an experienced and successful company director with a track record of outstanding achievements.

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 EAV Investments (Pty) Ltd established in 1970 is has recently embarked on a new journey and launching the services of two divisions :
• EAV-Consulting, which is a professional Engineering and Project Management service provider
• EAV Pipeline Services, which is a provider of specialist services and products to the pipeline industry
Marco has an immensely impressive track record in the construction and related industries and is highly regarded amongst his peers.
He has also successfully consulted to numerous businesses and Elegant Corporate Services is honoured to include him amongst the Group of Eight. l
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Robin won the South African Investor of the Year Award 2018, and the Mega Entrepreneur Award in Los Angeles (USA) 2017. Simply put, he helps you get the results you want.

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As an internationally accredited coach (and having been featured in the Fast Company Magazine) he has worked with over 350 companies around the world, specialising in unlocking the potential of entrepreneurs in maximising their growth, income and results.

Whether you are building a team around you, or looking for your next business venture, Robin shows you where to leverage off your strengths, and which pitfalls to avoid.

Robin works with you for cycles of 9 sessions, transforming your thinking and your insights,  leading to you achieving you goals and results.

Proof is always in the results. And you’ll get results after the first session, otherwise you don’t pay.

First session R2500

We ensure that, as the Independent Trustee on your Trusts, you receive the most knowledgeable and effective trust administration possible. Our Attorneys and Accountants have specialised knowledge regarding a wide variety of legislation affecting your Trusts, including Tax.

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