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Create a Trust Structure to suit your unique situation

Trust Advisory

Our attorneys and accountants will provide the expert guidance you need


In addition to the best advice, our Trust Clients receive extra benefits

25 Years’ Experience

Our Directors have been advising Trustees for over 25 years

How does it work?

  • Some products can be purchased directly from our Online Store. You order, we obtain your information and go-ahead immediately. You will be constantly updated.  If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you are entitled to cancel within 3 days and obtain a full refund.
  • Other products require some consultation. Use the ENQUIRE NOW Buttons on this Website, so that you can be contacted by a specialist to discuss your individual options.

Everything that you need to know about Trusts,
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Services & Client Benefits

Your appointment of Elegant Corporate Services as the Independent Trustee for your Trust comes with additional benefits.

As a paid-up client, your Trusts will receive various Free or Discounted services as part of the package and by incorporating some of our other services , you will ensure effective management of your Trusts.


Included in your Trust registration are these benefits:

  • Open Bank Account (Mercantile Bank only)
  • Registration for Income Tax (included in registration fee)
  • Virtual attendance by the Independent Trustee at AGM and other Meetings


Get 10% off the standard rate for:

  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Conveyancing (unless already subject to a discount)


Please browse our website for related services such as:

  • Trust Amendments
  • Offshore Trust Registration
  • Company Registration
  • Accounting and Tax Services (R2500 excl. VAT for 1 Hour initial consult)
  • Business Legal Services (R2500 excl. VAT for 1 Hour initial consult)
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Best Way to Preserve Your Legacy

The only way to preserve inter-generational wealth and ensure that you leave a positive legacy, is through the effective use of Trusts.
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Why appoint a Professional Trustee

The use of a Trust has proven to be a powerful instrument and has certainly maintained its importance in our law.
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We ensure that, as the Independent Trustee on your Trusts, you receive the most knowledgeable and effective trust administration possible. Our Attorneys and Accountants have specialised knowledge regarding a wide variety of legislation affecting your Trusts, including Tax.

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