Services & Client Benefits

Free Benefits

As a paid-up client of ELEGANT you will receive various FREE services as part of the package.
The services are provided by ELEGANT’ s most amazing panel of experts in Law, Accounting and Tax, including:luding:


Through an exclusive deal with Mercantile Bank, ELEGANT will attend to open your Bank Account and save you many hours or days of frustration. Our Business Banker will seamlessly guide you through the process and ensure that your Trust is up and running, with its own bank account, in the shortest possible time.


 We will arrange & attend the Annual General Meetings on your behalf and
ensure that all legal requirements are met, accurate minutes are kept and
records are kept.


Access our website via a secure login to access your vital information that you may need, via your own unique username and password.


We will keep record of all meetings by means of a Trust Minute Book and
store the book in a secure location and arrange, maintain and securely store accurate Trust Accounting Records and an Asset Register.


All Resolutions (when the need arises) will be professionally drafted by our inhouse Attorneys.

Discounted Benefits

As a paid-up client of ELEGANT you will also enjoy various DISCOUNTS in relation
to the services provided by ELEGANT’s most amazing panel of experts in Law,
Accounting and Tax, including:

Financial Statements

Drafting of Annual Financial Statements (20% discount on the hourly rate)

Will & Testament

Drafting Last Will and Testament (50% discount on fee)


Accounting and Income Tax Services (20% discount on the hourly rate)


Drafting of Agreements like Leases, Shareholder Agreements, Partnership
Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Sale of Shares Agreements, Sale
of Business Agreements, etc. (20% discount on the hourly rate)


In addition to the Registration Fee, registration with SARS may be included as an optional extra.  Through our special access to SARS, we will save you many hours of frustration, with no standing in queues.  Registration of Trusts with SARS is a legal requirement (whether through us or another professional). For initial registration (Income Tax only) and all future liaison, filings or submissions to SARS, you will receive a 20% discount.


Conveyancing (30% discount on recommended Tariff)


Company Registration and Amendments (5% discount on fee)
We appreciate the valuable input of our clients and make every effort to incorporate their recommendations in our service offering.

If you have any suggestions relating to additional services you require or have suggestions relating to our service offering,
please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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